A Brother's Cold Case

A Brother's Cold Case
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When the murder of Andy Cornell's brother is still unsolved after two and a half years, Andy enters Albuquerque's hidden worlds of cartel violence, street people,  and Pueblo secrets to find justice.

He and Rick were inseparable as boys. So Andy is determined as a newspaper's police reporter to help the cold-case unit find a breakthrough on the murder of his detective brother. 

Andy's ex-wife, a cold-case detective he once loved, a Pueblo tribal policeman, a college history professor, and a homeless drug informant seem unlikely allies. But they help Andy untangle conflicting details about his brother's cold case.

To solve Rick's murder, Andy must prove his own innocence when he becomes the suspect in the homicides of another man and a long-time reporter friend.

Praise for A Brother's Cold Case
"A Brother's Cold Case is timely and compelling. This story of a reporter's search to connect a series of unexplained deaths before he becomes the next victim could have been ripped from newspaper headlines. Complete with a harrowing Sandia Mountain ambush, a life-threatening fire, and a long-surviving Pueblo Indian community with closely held secrets, this mystery will keep you up at night. Dennis Herrick's new book is a good tale well told." —Anne Hillerman, author of Spider Woman's Daughter and Rock With Wings
“Dennis Herrick's A Brother's Cold Case is a whodunit mystery with enough twists and turns to rival a New Mexico mountain switchback road. Newspaper reporter Andy Cornell sets out to investigate the nearly cold-case murder of his ex-cop and homeless drunk brother. And that's just the beginning. Along the way, Cornell finds his own life in danger in a mystery involving a Pueblo Indian secret. Herrick, a former newspaperman and journalism professor, knows the ins and outs of gritty urban newsrooms and has meticulously researched pueblo history for his story. Set in Albuquerque at the foot of the often sacred Sandia Mountains, A Brother's Cold Case is a sure bet for those addicted to page-turning thrillers where the pages nearly turn themselves.”  —TC, Amazon.com
by Dennis Herrick
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
258 Pages
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
FICTION / Thrillers / Suspense
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