A Lenape Captive

A Lenape Captive
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Could you survive in a vast, dark forest with nothing but a small knife and the clothes on your back? And, could you feed and shelter a little child and protect her from dangerous enemies wanting to harm you both? Indian captive Ahmeya must do just that or they will both become prey in a forest full of danger. Set in the late 1700s, A Lenape Captive – Ahmeya will take you on a historical adventure of discovery and courage. She has just escaped from her village and is alone in a strange land that goes on and on with no help for them in sight.

Read the remarkable story of her resourcefulness and strength as she learns the forest has both exceptional beauty and perilous dangers. This is a continuation of A Lenape Legacy, the story of her capture and assimilation into the Native American life.

About the Author:

Doris Wilbur is the author of three novels, A Lenape Legacy, Riding the Float, and A Lenape Captive-Ahmeya. Her novels are based on historical colonial events or issues of our contemporary times. They are infused with nature and give you a real sense of place while taking you on an adventure filled with challenges, humor, romance, and accomplishments. Doris lives at a small private lake surrounded by the woods and wildlife she includes in her novels. Although she has lived in large cities she has also lived in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New York that she writes about.

by Doris Wilbur
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
130 Pages
FICTION / Historical
FICTION / Native American & Aboriginal
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