All the Aliens in the Neighborhood and Other Stories

All the Aliens in the Neighborhood is a collection of stories centering around men and women in a middle-class Brooklyn neighborhood who take one extra look at themselves and their neighbors and are shaken by how blithely they had been coasting along until then. Included in this compilation are: 

  • The Trolley Barn
  • Mrs. Roanoke
  • Security Check
  • More Than Less
  • The Opals Man
  • Secrets
  • Johnny on the Spot
  • Till’s Piano Lesson
  • In Concert
  • Still Life
  • A Shaggy Monkey Story
  • Three Black Sweaters
  • All the Aliens in the Neighborhood


Donald Dewey has written some 40 books of fiction and nonfiction, as well as contributed scores of stories to magazines and other periodicals. He has also had some 30 plays staged in Europe and the United States. Donald's awards include those named after Nelson Algren and the Actors Studio. Dewey is a widower with one son and lives in Jamaica, New York. At one point he lived in Europe for 14 years, writing screenplays and working for the Italian news agency ANSA. Dewey was editor of the ASME-award winning magazine Attenzione and was editorial director of the East-West Network, overseeing a dozen in-flight magazines and the PBS organ Dial. He has also been a theater critic for WNYC in New York and spends far too much time for his health watching the Mets.

by Donald Dewey
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .7
210 Pages
FICTION / Short Stories
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