As the Raven Flies

As the Raven Flies
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Corvus Heller and James Raven are freshly graduated seniors preparing to go to the same university. Although they don’t know one another, each of their paths becomes of great significance to the other.

Corvus Heller constantly weighs the cost of college tuition with how much the education will actually help him in the real world. While intelligent and capable of succeeding in the college environment, he is hesitant to put his family under financial strain. He is particularly wary to pay Middenburg University, where he likes the psychology program but knows some students treat school as a four-year (or more) vacation, the administration treats it as a profit-driven enterprise, and the focus of the university is more on sports than education.

James Raven is an upper-echelon football recruit and driven young man from a rough urban area who has a full-ride scholarship to play football at Middenburg. Bringing the two together is Corvus’ insufferable Uncle Pete, head coach of Middenburg’s biggest rival, Indiana Central University. Also involved is Vic, a small-time bookie and student at Middenburg who becomes an intriguing influence on Corvus.

Corvus and James’ first semester involves high-level corruption in college sports, problems with gambling and substance abuse, the remnants of institutional racism at universities, and the tension of being a student and an athlete. While Corvus and Raven’s struggles seem very different, they parallel each other in some ways. Both discover how crooked life’s path can become when seeking love, friendship, and success on one’s own terms.

About the Author:

Job Tyler Leach grew up on the banks of the Susquehanna River in the small town of Bainbridge. He now resides in East Petersburg, PA with his girlfriend Mika and their dog, Carlton. He graduated from Millersville University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Sociology. He began writing in high school under the positive influence of an English and Creative Writing teacher. He now balances personal writing with full-time writing in the E-Commerce field. He has learned about several interesting and varied areas while writing in the digital environment including restaurant equipment, fine hats, and car wash equipment.

Job enjoys reading a wide variety of genres including true crime, fiction, essay writing, classics, sports writing, and biographies. His favorite authors include John Updike, Chuck Klosterman, John Steinbeck, and Charles Bukowski. He also spends his time playing inconsistent golf, obsessing over fantasy sports trades, drinking good beers, playing drums in a band, and being perpetually frustrated at his dart game.

Job focuses his creative writing on novels and short fiction, but also occasionally plays around with poetry and drama. He enjoys updating his personal blog with reviews of whatever book he is reading at the time. As The Raven Flies is his first published novel.

by Job Leach
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