Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet
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Stories from the The Natalie D. Craumer Writer's Workshop at the Fredricksen Library in Camp Hill, PA:

  • LOVE and PERSIMMONS by Jessica Moyer
  • MY TEMPER, a poem by Ramon Pineda
  • LAND of the FREE by Ann Elia Stewart 
  • THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT by Marisa Corser
  • GUARDIAN ANGEL by Deanne Burch
  • FOR CLARENCE, a poem by Lynn E. Davis
  • DINNER FOR TWO by Lisa M. Black
  • REBEL WITHOUT A CLAUS by Larry C. Kerr
  • THE NIGHT in the BAR by Mike Kosarowich
  • HIBAKUSHA by Catherine Jordan
  • ROOM 231 by Madelyn Killion
  • UNREQUITED LOVE, a poem by Gina Napoli
  • FULL of GRACE by Justin Tappan
  • CONNIE and MCPHEE by Kathy Johnson
  • THE BALLGAME by M.R. Blocher
  • ANGEL by C.A. Masterson
  • WELL I TRY, a poem by Ramon Pineda
  • MISSING by Carol A. Lauver
  • THE CRY ROOM by Susan Girolami Kramer
  • A PENTHOUSE STAY by Alice Steele
  • THE NEW TIN MAN by Mike Kosarowich
  • LIVING WILL by Christopher Plummer
  • THE DOOR TO PARADISE by Debra A. Varsanyi
  • DUCKS LTD. By Kathy Johnson
  • MY FROZEN ROSE, a poem by Gina Napoli
  • WHISPERING ANGEL by Fred J. Lauver
  • BROKEN DREAMS by Deanne Burch
  • THE HAZE by M. R. Blocher
  • STONES by Duffy Batzer


This volume is 212 pages. Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

FIC003000    FICTION / Anthologies

LCO002000  LITERARY COLLECTIONS / American / General


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