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Brahm Stroker was born in Buddhapest, Hungry, in 1347 during the Black Death. Inspired by all of the chaos around him during Western Civilization's greatest outbreak, he wrote down this very prescient epic on a series of parchments which were kept in secrecy in a monastery for over six and a half centuries. These moldy parchments were then recently discovered in an old trunk won at auction by the proprietors of Verboten Books, a boutique publisher based in a very small cottage in the Schwarzwald in Baden-Württemberg. In fact, the cottage was so incredibly small that the firm had to store the trunk outside while very diminutive persons transferred the documents one page at a time to a reading table, carrying them like a bunch of Amazonian ants lifting a very large leaf. Several translators subsequently died from uncontrollable laughter as they attempted to translate the tale into English for the US and UK markets. Stroker himself had succumbed to the Black Death soon after penning the tale -- in fact, he likely died before completing it. The publisher remains uncertain as to the completeness of the tale until such a time as all of the parchments have been successfully translated. 

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Rated Z: Money Shot
Rated Z: Money Shot

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