Breck's Quandary
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Breck's Quandary

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Living in a remote mountain ski town called Quandary, Sheriff Breckenridge Breck” Dyer has a lot of problems. The sheriff's department is broke. He’s down to one deputy. The cell phones barely work and he can’t even afford a decent patrol car. Seems like the city council keeps cutting and gutting his budget every time he turns around. But things can get worse and they do. A Mexican drug cartel called Los Equis sends two men to scout out the high country and squeeze out competitors. Caught up in a haze of drug dealers and dirty politics, Breck gets accused of corruption himself. Can he stop the illegal drug trade before anyone gets hurt—or winds up dead?

by Mark Mitten
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
294 Pages
FICTION / Westerns
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