Capital Murder (PAPERBACK)

Capital Murder (PAPERBACK)
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An investigative reporter’s hunt for answers in a collapsing city

Every city in America is unique. Each has its own instructive tale of success and failure. What makes Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's story most valuable lies not in its life but in its death - and in the actions of those who killed it.

In late 2011, Harrisburg became the first – and only - capital city in American history to file for bankruptcy. For four years, investigative reporter Chris Papst provided award-winning coverage of this unprecedented financial collapse. Now, he has authored a book sharing his experiences while detailing what went wrong.


Chris Papst is a multiple Emmy-award winning investigative reporter whose work has initiated changes in law and sparked criminal investigations. He currently works at ABC 7/WJLA in Washington, DC.


Trade Paperback

244 pages w approx. 22 b&w photographs

6 x 9

HIS036080  -- History : United States - State & Local - Middle Atlantic

POL020000 -- Political Science : Government - State & Provincial

BUS001020 -- Business & Economics : Accounting - Governmental

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