Conrad Weiser: Pennsylvania Peacemaker

Conrad Weiser: Pennsylvania Peacemaker
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2nd Edition

Conrad Weiser (1696-1760) was a Pennsylvania Dutch pioneer, interpreter, and representative of the colony of Pennsylvania to the Indians. Arthur Dundore Graeff, Ph.D., originally published this volume through the Pennsylvania Folklore Society in 1945. Lawrence Knorr, his great grand nephew, has edited this volume and added a new foreword about his uncle's career as a Pennsylvania Dutch scholar and the importance of Conrad Weiser to Pennsylvania Dutch history. 

by Arthur D. Graeff, Foreword by Lawrence Knorr
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
406 Pages indexed
BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Adventurers & Explorers
HISTORY / United States / Colonial Period (1600-1775)
HISTORY / US History / Mid-Atlantic
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