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(Photo by Brenda Goodhart)

A life-long student of the American Civil War, Douglas Lee Gibboney is the  author of Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg; Tragic Glory: A Concise  Illustrated History of the Civil War; and Scandals of the Civil  War.  He edited Littleton Washington's Journal:  Life in  Ante-bellum Washington, Vigilante San Francisco and Confederate  Richmond.  Gibboney also wrote the mystery, Murder at Cleaver  Stadium, and a children's bedtime tale, Bussie's Book: The Story  of the Cat Who Loved to Sew.  His work has appeared in a  number of publications, including The Washington Post, The  Philadelphia Inquirer and Civil War Times  Illustrated.  A graduate of the Pennsylvania State  University, he taught as an adjunct professor at Shippensburg  University.  He and his wife live near Boiling Springs,  Pennsylvania, in a stone farmhouse which was raided by Confederate  cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign. (Photo by Brenda Goodhart)

More Scandals of the Civil War
More Scandals of the Civil War

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