Downtown Details

Downtown Details
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An Artful Perspective of Newport, Pennsylvania

More than a hundred years ago, anonymous Victorian craftsmen created beautiful details for the buildings of downtown Newport. These details were the manifestation of their skill and creativity, the prosperity of the borough, and the architectural movements of the era. Many people walk by these buildings every day and never look up to notice the details. Or don’t know what they are called. Or don’t think about why they look that way. Despite three floods and periodic economic downturns, magnificent examples of Victorian architecture survive in Downtown Newport. We hope that, on your next walk down the streets of Newport, you will even find details that we have missed. Look Up!

by Perry County Council of the Arts
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .2
76 Pages
ARCHITECTURE / Decoration & Ornament
ARCHITECTURE / Historic Preservation / General
ARCHITECTURE / History / Modern
HISTORY / US History / Mid-Atlantic

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