Franni and the Duke

In May of 1608, the Duke of Mantua will throw the most spectacular wedding extravaganza in history. But it will all be ruined unless twelve-year-old Franni can keep a very big secret.

Franni and the Duke, a middle-grade novel, sets a fictional mystery against a specific historical backdrop. It takes place during rehearsals for Arianna, an opera by the great composer Claudio Monteverdi. When Franni and her older sister Alli run away to Mantua, they both find work in Monteverdi's company. A messenger from the north announces that the next duke of the town of Bergamo is missing, and he may well be in Mantua. Alli notices that Luca, a singer she's in love with, fits the missing Duke's description. Although Franni thinks Luca is a pompous idiot, she promises for Alli's sake to keep Luca's secret safe and protect him from bounty hunters and Bergamo's rival family. She does this with the help of the company's set designer, a worldly wise and world-weary dwarf named Edgardo, who is not exactly what he seems.

About the Author:

Anne E. Johnson, based in Brooklyn, has a background in classical languages and medieval music history. She writes in a variety of genres for both adults and children. Her short fiction has appeared in Liquid Imagination, FrostFire Worlds, Shelter of Daylight, The Future Fire, and elsewhere. Her series of humorous science fiction novels, The Webrid Chronicles, is being published by Candlemark & Gleam. So far the series includes Green Light Delivery and Blue Diamond Delivery, with Red Spawn Delivery in the works. Candlemark & Gleam will also publish Anne’s YA science fiction adventure novel, Space Surfers, in 2014. Anne writes fiction for children and tweens as well, including the medieval mystery, Trouble at the Scriptorium, from Royal Fireworks Press and the paranormal mystery, Ebenezer’s Locker, from MuseItUp Publishing. Recently Anne signed with Black & White Press to create the text for a series of prose comic novelettes for adult readers.

5.5 x 8.5
perfect bound
156 pages
YAF024120  YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Historical / Renaissance
YAF047050  YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Performing Arts / Theater & Musicals
YAF024050  YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Historical / Europe

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