General John Fulton Reynolds

General John Fulton Reynolds
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General John Fulton Reynolds: His Biography, Words and Relations. General John Fulton Reynolds, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was the consummate tragic figure of war - the dashing young general on his horse, leading his men into the fray - men with whom he shared a mutual respect only felt when engaging in a higher purpose. His final act on the Gettysburg stage was to choose the right ground to defend and to place his men into position - decisions that ultimately led to the union victory and his own fate. To do such a great man justice, Sunbury Press and editor Lawrence Knorr have compiled three great works by other authors: "For God Sakes Forward!" - Michael A Riley's biography. "Reynolds - The Last Six Miles" - Diane E Watson's accounting of the final movements and moments in the general's life. "Reynolds - His Own Words Before Gettysburg" - Diane E Watson's collection of letters and quotes from and about John Reynolds. In addition, Lawrence has added his own "Relations of John Fulton Reynolds" - over 200 pages of Reynolds, Lefevre, Ferree, Landis & Moore family history. In total, the life of John Reynolds is shown from numerous perspectives and dimensions, from his own accomplishments to lists of his extended family and extensive relations. This book contains numerous vintage photographs.


This volume is 312 pages - INDEXED.

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