Geology of the Mahanoy, Mahantongo, and Lykens Valleys

Geology of the Mahanoy, Mahantongo, and Lykens Valleys
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Something about the Earth We Walk On

Author Steve E. Troutman taps his training in geology to take you on a tour of the Mahantongo, Mahanoy and Lykens Valleys from the beginning of time until humans arrived. Steve explains in layman's terms the variety of geological features present as well as the conditions that led to them. He also includes images and discussions about the flora and fauna that were present during the different eras and epochs.

by Steve E. Troutman
Trade Paperback - 8 x 10 x 1
74 pages (color maps and photos)
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic
SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Geology
SCIENCE / Natural History
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