Home is a Long Time Ago

Home is a Long Time Ago
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"Home is a Long Time Ago" is a story of a young boy, Sean Gallagher, who enlists in the Marine Corps and leaves his home in Harvey Cedars, NJ for the war in Korea. Before shipping out he meets an equally young, stunning and effervescent Grace O'Riley in California. His departure for the war abruptly ends their impassioned romance, parting for what he believes is forever. Sean retires twenty years later, a highly decorated Marine Officer. Across the continent on the Jersey Shore, fate unexpectedly brings these two still unmarried soul mates together. Names and appearances have changed and Sean's current smoldering romance complicates the scene for the now successful and still fiery, vibrant Grace. Will they recognize and rekindle their emotions and restore their dreams? Ponzio Vaccaro, Sean's long time guardian, prays and connives throughout that it will. This volume is 308 pages. Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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