Keystone Tombstones - Sports

Keystone Tombstones - Sports
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Pennsylvania's contributions to the sporting world are captured in this special edition of the Keystone Tombstones series focused on those persons interred in Pennsylvania who played interesting roles in sports. Farrell and Farley have combed the Keystone State to bring you the most entertaining tales about interesting sports figures buried in Pennsylvania. Included in this volume:  

  • Alan AMECHE “The Horse”
  • William Law ANDERSON
  • Paul ARIZIN “Pitchin' Paul”
  • Richie ASHBURN “His Whiteness”
  • Bert BELL “Modern Football's Founding Father
  • Billy CONNThe Pittsburgh Kid
  • Jake DAUBERT “Why the Hall Not?”
  • Nellie FOX and Billy COX “Fox and Cox”
  • Joe William FRAZIERSmokin' Joe
  • Josh GIBSONThe Black Babe Ruth
  • Tom GOLA “A Philly Legend”
  • Harry GREB “The Human Windmill”
  • Jim CROWLEY and Harry STUHLDREHER “Half the Horsemen”
  • Eddie PLANK and Christy MATHEWSON “Hall of Fame Hurlers”
  • Harry KALAS “That Ball's Outta Here!”
  • Connie MACK “The Tall Tactician”
  • John MCDERMOTT “Golf's Unknown Champion”
  • Danny MURTAUGH “The Whistling Irishman”
  • Chuck NOLL “The Emperor”
  • Joe PATERNO “JoePa”
  • Bob PRINCE and Myron COPE “The Voices of Pittsburgh”
  • Art ROONEY “The Chief”
  • Maurice STOKES “The Unknown NBA Superstar”
  • Carl Edwin STOTZ “Little League's Founding Father
  • Jock SUTHERLAND “Jock”
  • Jim THORPE “The Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century”
  • Willie THROWER “Football's Jackie Robinson”
  • Bill TILDEN“Big Bill”
  • Honus WAGNER and Pie TRAYNOR “Pirates' Pride”
  • Harry WRIGHT “The Father of Professional Baseball”
  • Others of Note 


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by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley
Trade Paperback - 8 x 10 x .6
218 Pages
History / US History / Mid-Atlantic
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