Look, I Shrunk Grandma

Look, I Shrunk Grandma
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A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Nursing Homes, Dementia, and End of Life

Karen Severson, M.D., has spent the last twenty years as a Geriatric Psychiatrist wandering the halls of those dreaded destinations called nursing homes. She became mentally exhausted from watching people with Alzheimer's disease decline and suffer. She wrote about the unnecessary suffering caused by doctors, nurses, and families who are on totally different pages regarding end-of-life issues. She realized doctors tend to avoid these conversations and families can remain in extended denial of dementia. This book is intended to help families understand dementia and its associated behaviors in a down to earth manner. Dr. Severson uses a great deal of humor as not to scare people from the subject. She also discusses several other important issues, but mainly how we can better allow families to learn to let go of those with end-stage illness. Dr. Severson hopes to prevent unnecessary and potentially harmful medical interventions as well as allow more geriatric patients to die in peace.


  • Chapter 1. Let the Shrinking Begin
  • Chapter 2. My Personal Journey: Exposure to Dying
  • Chapter 3. What Is Dementia?
  • Chapter 4. Nursing Home Dilemmas 
  • Chapter 5. Pills, Pills, Pills
  • Chapter 6. A Typical Day
  • Chapter 7. Letting Go 
  • Chapter 8. Letting Go, Part 2
  • Chapter 9. How to Choose a Nursing Home
  • Chapter 10. Advice for the Baby Boomer
  • Chapter 11. Happy Endings


by Karen Severson, M.D.
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
144 Pages
PSYCHOLOGY / Developmental / Adulthood & Aging
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