Obama's Great Education Lie

Obama's Great Education Lie
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Obama's Great Education Lie.

President Obama inspired this book, when, in his recent speech at the University of Texas-Austin, he urged the United States to retake the #1 position in college graduation rates by 2020. President Obama must be aware that our current economic and jobs crisis will likely plunge us even deeper into an educational quagmire by 2020.Few challenged President Obama's absurd goal. 

Dr. Loase invented the word sigfluence in 1984 to define significant, long-term, positive influence. In Dr. Loase's 8th book, The Sigfluence Generation, John reveals the enormous Potential and Need of our 18-25 year olds to affect sigfluence. However, they need mentorship from Baby Boomers to realize their potential. Our Millennials need honesty, not lies, to positively transform America. The United States is mired in educational denial and neglect. For each of our nine educational lies, this work exposes the lie and details the remedy. Our crumbling educational infrastructure reflects our society at risk. In order to transform American education, we must overcome our denial and transform ourselves. Our 18-25 year olds are ready. Are we?

This volume is 96 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5


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