Outstanding Mosses and Liverworts of Pennsylvania

Outstanding Mosses and Liverworts of Pennsylvania
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Outstanding Mosses and Liverworts of Pennsylvania and Nearby States

The first color field guide for mosses in the Mid-Atlantic region - its detailed color photographs allow easy identification of many of the commonest and most striking mosses and liverworts, without the use of a microscope.
"At last an accessible field guide for common Pennsylvania Mosses. The beautiful color photographs and clear descriptions make this book suitable for the non-botanist." -- Linda Ingram, Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center
"Bryophytes are an unjustifiably neglected group, and Munch's book will inspire both amateur and professional interest."
-- Steve Grund, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
"Her enthusiasm for these overlooked but fascinating plants is contagious." -- Sue Wolf, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association"
"I'm so glad to finally have a book which stimulates student interest in these attractive little plants. I will use it in my field botany course."
-- Carol Loeffler, Dickinson College
Spiral Bound  8.3 x 5.3
90 pages  w/ color photographs
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