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PAUL ARGENTINI (1926-2016) was a Random House best-selling author and playwright.   

Paul was born in Boston, Massachusetts, son of Americo and Mariettina Viviani Argentini. He graduated from Boston University. A Navy Atomic Veteran of World War II, he was awarded the Combat Action ribbon for service in the Pacific Theatre of War, and at Okinawa. He was with the first occupation forces at Nagasaki, Japan, within weeks after the atomic bomb was dropped. An author and freelance writer, his book, Elements of Style for Screenwriters, The Essential Manual for Writers of Screenplays, was on the Hollywood Bestsellers list. With his longtime friend, Bob Boland, he co-wrote, Musicals! Directing School and Community Theatre

His play was a first prize winner at the Theatre Odyssey 2011 Ten-Minute Play Festival. Awarded a Playwrighting Fellowship and named fiction finalist by the Massachusetts Artists Foundation, he published articles and short stories. He had a full-length play optioned for the Off-Broadway Cubiculo, and several of his one-act plays were produced. He studied with award-winning playwright and long-time friend Bill Gibson. 

As a former Washington, D.C., editor and reporter, he covered the Capitol and the Pentagon. In more recent years, his writings have been published by Sunbury Press, Pennsylvania.

He was predeceased, by his beloved bride, Vera Claire, whom he married in 1950, in Great Barrington. 

A radio interview with Paul:

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