Rabbit Stew for Your Soul

Rabbit Stew for Your Soul
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20 Recipes with a Dash of Storytelling

Bob Ford has been hunting rabbits since he was a kid and has traveled the country with hunting beagles. One thing about being a successful hunter is that you will get to enjoy wild game at your kitchen table. Over the years, Ford has developed many recipes for rabbit, and you will find just a few of them here. He developed these recipes over more than three decades. Some go back to meals that the author’s mother made. Visits to restaurants inspired others. An abundance of harvested rabbits inspired some of the recipes, while others were created for those hunts where just one rabbit is brought to the game vest. Rabbit meat (domesticated) is now very popular, and while Bob created these recipes with wild game, they certainly would work well with domesticated rabbits as well, making adjustments for the increased size of domesticated rabbits. Rabbits are a sustainable source of protein and very low in fat. The contents of this book are recipes developed by a good hunter, who is a good home cook.



  • Bunny Breakfast Sandwich
  • Hop Scotch Eggs
  • SOS
  • Two-Bunny Gravy 


  • Buffalo Rabbit Wings
  • Lagos Salad
  • Mixed Game Bag Corn Soup
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Thumper Fajitas
  • Wild Game Chili 


  • Bunny Bratwurst
  • Chicken Fried Rabbit
  • Tourtière AKA Meat Pie
  • Pasta with Meat Sauce
  • Rabbit Cacciatore
  • Rabbit in a Hole
  • Rabbit Scampi
  • Rabboli
  • 40-Clove Rabbit
  • Spicy Sauerkraut and Rabbit


Bob Ford is a United Methodist pastor who has lived most of his life in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, except three years at seminary in Ohio. He has spent 23 years in the pulpit and 34 years following beagles in the same Alleghenies where he was born, raised, and worked. Ford is an award-winning magazine columnist, blogger, and author. His work has appeared in The American Beagler, Better Beagling, Hounds & Hunting, HARK-N, Sporting Classics Daily, and Fur-Fish-Game. He is also the author of the Beagle Tales series of books, and a cookbook of rabbit recipes. He lives in the hills with his wife, Renee, and a pack of hunting house beagles, where he serves as a pastor. www.beaglebard.com

by Bob Ford
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