Rising Hope

Rising Hope
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Book One: Warsaw Rising Trilogy

Looking back, eighteen-year-old Tadzio realized that it all began when his father walked out on him September 8, 1939. That same day, his Scoutmaster challenged Tadzio and his friends to give their all for Poland. At first, thirteen-year-old Tadzio said no. Now, five years later, the Germans still occupied Poland. But at least Tadzio rose to the challenge. And he still had hope. This is how it began.

What Others Are Saying:

“Rising Hope is an homage to all Polish teenagers who fought the German evil so bravely during WWII. A must read.”

--- Julian Kulski Author of The Color of Courage, 2014. Kulski, son of the Polish mayor of Warsaw, was ten when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and twelve when he joined Warsaw’s fight against the Germans.

“With a unique set of characters, Sontag’s book transfers readers into the atmosphere and situation in Poland during 1939-1945. It is written with passion for the events and reveals the author’s respect and compassion for the people and the disastrous events that transpired.”

--- Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm Author of Kaia, Heroine of the 1944 Warsaw Rising.

Rising Hope is the first volume in Sontag's ambitious plan for a trilogy of historical novels for young adults... Rising Hope informs her young readers about the tragic realities of life in Warsaw during the German occupation and extols the bravery of Polish resistance fighters, especially the very young, presenting their deep patriotism and their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Poland. Sontag focuses particularly on the role Polish scouts played in the struggle against the German occupation... Sontag is very successful in creating a picture of Warsaw during World War II. Marie Sontag's novel is an important addition to young adult literature in English. 

Grazyna J. Kozaczka
Cazenovia College
The Polish Review, Vol. 6,  No. 1, 2016. pages 109-111

Rising Hope is a thrilling young adult novel that tells the story of the Polish Scouts' involvement in the Warsaw Rising against the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1944. Although the action of the novel revolves around a fictional set of characters, Sontag weaves historical figures into her narrative. This allows her to be as historically accurate as possible while telling a fast-paced and thrilling story....

This is an important novel that tells a somewhat neglected story with aplomb. Although it is written in a literary style that will appeal most to young adults, its story will be engaging to readers of all ages interested in this particular historical period and in a balanced narrative on this subject. Sontag tells the story with great sympathy for the Polish people as well as a high degree of sensitivity for her subject mater. I recommend Rising Hope to all readers who enjoy a tale of stirring heroism in the face of overwhelming odds, where the lines between good and evil are clearly demarcated.
The Sarmatian Review, Vol. XXXVI. No. 2, April 2016, pages 2003-2004
Harry Louis Roddy

About the Author

Dr. Marie Sontag taught middle school for over 15 years. She has a BA in Social Science, and an MA and PhD in Education. www.mariesontag.com 

by Marie Sontag
Trade Paperback - 5.5 x 8.5 x 1
228 Pages
Fiction / Young Adult Historical  (Ages 14 to 18)
WARSAW RISING Trilogy (1 of 3)
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