Secrets of the Galapagos

Shattered by a broken engagement and a business venture derailed by Jerome Haddad, her unscrupulous partner, Giovanna Rogers goes on a luxury Galapagos cruise with her grandmother to decompress.

At least that's what her grandmother thinks. Giovanna is determined to make Jerome pay for what he's done, and she has a tip he's headed for the Galapagos.

While snorkeling in Gardner Bay off the coast of Española Island, Giovanna and another cruise passenger, tortoise researcher Laurel Pardo, both become separated from the group and Laurel is left behind. No one on the ship will acknowledge Laurel is missing, and Giovanna suspects a cover-up.

When the police come on board to investigate a death, Giovanna is sure the victim is Laurel. She's anxious to give her testimony to the attractive local detective assigned to the case. Instead, she learns someone else is dead, and she's a person of interest.

Resolved to keep searching for Laurel and make sense of her disappearance, Giovanna finds that several people on board the cruise ship have reasons to want Laurel gone. One is a scam involving Tio Armando, the famous Galapagos giant tortoise and a major tourist attraction in the archipelago. And Jerome Haddad has a hand in it. Thinking she's the cat in this game, Giovanna gets too involved and becomes the mouse, putting her life in jeopardy. But if she doesn't stop him, Jerome will go on to ruin others.

What Others Are Saying: 

"A compelling mystery filled with intrigue, vivid scenery, and a kaleidoscope of quirky characters, as their cruise ship wends its way through troubled waters. I was on board from the first page to the last. Marchisello is a master storyteller!" — Susan Crawford, Bestselling author of The Pocket Wife and The Other Widow

Secrets of the Galapagos was an absolute joy to read––a terrific story filled with endearing characters, rare animals, a world-class scoundrel or two, and more hidden agendas than you can shake a stick at, all set against the majestic beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Sharon Marchisello has given us a fast moving, thrill-a-minute mystery that had me hooked to the very end.” — Roger Johns, award-winning author of the Wallace Hartman Mysteries  

"After Giovanna Rogers' not-for-profit goes bust, her fiancé breaks off their engagement, infuriated by the financial ruin, she decides that a trip to the Galapagos Islands is just what the doctor ordered. The cruise is idyllic with excursions onto the islands, where Marchisello imparts delightful bits of information about the local wildlife, particularly the endangered giant tortoise, Tio Armando. When Giovanna's dive buddy goes missing, and nobody seems concerned but her, she begins to sleuth her way toward an answer. Mysteries abound when the crew discovers a body on the ship, and everybody is a suspect. It's out of the frying pan and into the fire for Giovanna in Marchisello's Secrets of the Galapagos, “. . . a woven tapestry of deceit and distrust balanced by hope and love in this tale of adventure and intrigue." — Angie Gallion, author, Off the Dark Ledge

About the Author:  

Sharon Marchisello is the author of Going Home (Sunbury Press, 2014) a murder mystery inspired by her mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease. Secrets of the Galapagos revisits two of the characters from Going Home 15 years later. Michelle, Going Home's protagonist, and her granddaughter, Giovanna, who is now an adult, go on a luxury Galapagos cruise, where they encounter murder and deception.

Besides fiction, Sharon has written travel articles, corporate training manuals, screenplays, and book reviews, including regular contributions to the Killer Nashville online magazine. Her blog, Countdown to Financial Fitness, and nonfiction self-help book, Live Well, Grow Wealth, deal withpersonal finance. She earned a Master’s in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. An active member of Sisters in Crime, she contributed a short story to the Atlanta chapter's anthology, Mystery, Atlanta Style. Another of her short stories appeared in the anthology Shhhh…Murder! (Darkhouse Books, 2018).

Sharon grew up in Tyler, Texas, and earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Houston in French and English. She studied for a year in Tours, France, on a Rotary scholarship before moving to Los Angeles and then later, Seattle. Retired from a 27-year career with Delta Air Lines, she now lives in Peachtree City, Georgia, where she does volunteer work for the Fayette Humane Society and the Fayette County Master Gardener extension office.

by Sharon Marchisello
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