Southside Sinners

Southside Sinners
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In this sequel to You Killed My Brother, Twins Emily and Hannah lived a relatively normal life despite their parents having been killed during a highly publicized street war with a ruthless street gang called the Southside Sinners when they were children. Raised by their aunt, the only surviving member of their family, life eventually returned to normal and carried on as usual.

The two girls, Hannah, now a CPS worker, and Emily, a police officer, work hard at trying to right the wrongs of the world they were subjected to. But, when fate comes knocking again twenty years later, the two girls, their aunt, and an entire town are catapulted into a second war with the once thought disbanded Southside Sinners. Chance seems to have locked the two sides in a predetermined battle until only one side is left standing…

by Keith Rommel
Trade Paperback - 5 x 8 x .7
206 Pages
FICTION / Horror
FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
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