Stella Nova: A New Star is Born

Stella Nova: A New Star is Born
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Following a risky surgery and months in a coma, Stella has awakened to find that her life now is nothing like it used to be.  She struggles to accept that it was all a dream but feels her sanity slipping away.   So she vows to put her past behind her and begin again. This time Stella chooses travel over college but somehow finds herself back where she left off—California!  Once again whisked into a mysterious and transformational quest, Stella must decide what is true and who to trust.  Relying on clues from past lives and Scandinavian lore she uncovers her destiny and the ancient secret she is meant to protect—immortality.  Stella must embrace change, sacrifice much and risk everything.  She becomes something new, someone powerful and unearthly.  Stella Nova.  Defender of the One.


218 pages


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