Teen Mom Prom - Transformation Through Practical Leadership

Teen Mom Prom - Transformation Through Practical Leadership
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"Teen Mom Prom" takes readers on a compelling true leadership journey with twenty teen moms attending Florence Crittenton High School in Denver, Colorado.  These moms are determined to have one magical night as teenagers once again, as they plan to put on the school's first prom. This book allows the reader to experience the chaotic family and living situations of these young women and captures the essence of their personal growth as the project evolves. It also challenges the readers to reflect on their own perceptions and definitions of success.

The story opens on the morning of the girls' first leadership class and only half of the girls show up. The girls, who do show up, are busy putting on their makeup and eating their school provided breakfast. As the year progresses, the class begins to fill up and the girls begin to apply their practical leadership skills on the prom project. The girls' success is not linear, as they face gang shootings, death, eviction and health problems during the year. The girls bond as they help each other through their challenges and work together to solve a major school spirit issue; no one
wants to attend the prom.

The book's facilitator model is applicable to any subject matter taught to a marginalized student population, and its relevance is more important today than ever before. Today's educators are dealing with education reform, performance pressures, budget cuts, and most, are dealing with students who are not ready to learn. Each chapter includes leadership insights and facilitator tips qualifying this book to serve as both a
motivational story and a practical guide for teachers, facilitators, business leaders, and community leaders, as they go on to create and lead their own innovative programs or unexpected opportunities.

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