The Best of Keystone Tombstones

The Best of Keystone Tombstones
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Joe Farrell and Joe Farley have combed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for interesting biographies of noteworthy people buried in the Keystone State. This volume is the culmination of the best of the stories found in Volumes 1, 2, 3, The Civil War, and Sports. Subjects run the gamut from politicians to serial killers to movie stars to war heros to labor leaders to musicians to sports figures, etc. Included in this volume:  

  • Richie Ashburn and Harry Kalas “The Voices of Philadelphia”
  • “Babes in the Woods” 
  • Smedley Butler “The Fighting Quaker” 
  • Dick Winters and Joe Toye “Band of Brothers” 
  • Simon Cameron “Pennsylvania's Political Kingmaker” 
  • Michael Cheslock “The Lattimer Massacre” 
  • Billy Conn “The Pittsburgh Kid” 
  • Benjamin Franklin “The First American” 
  • Joe William Frazier “Smokin Joe” 
  • John White Geary “An American Success Story Few Have Heard” 
  • Josh Gibson “The Black Babe Ruth” 
  • Frank Gorshin “What Does It All Mean?” 
  • Winfield Scott Hancock “Hancock the Superb” 
  • Milton Hershey “The Chocolate King” 
  • Johnstown Flood Victims “An Act of God” 
  • Mary Jo Kopechne “What If?” 
  • Jayne Mansfield “The Blonde Bombshell” 
  • Mary Pinchot Meyer “The Mysterious Case of Mary Pinchot Meyer” 
  • “The Molly Maguires, Black Jack Kehoe and Franklin Gowen” 
  • Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. Henry H. Holmes “America's Answer to the Ripper”
  • Joe Paterno “JoePa” 
  • Bob Prince and Myron Cope “The Voices of Pittsburgh” 
  • Frank Rizzo “The Cop That Would Be King” 
  • Fred Rogers “America's Favorite Neighbor” 
  • Art Rooney “The Chief” 
  • Bessie Smith “The Empress of the Blues” 
  • Thaddeus Stevens “The Dictator of Congress” 
  • Jim Thorpe “The Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century” 
  • “Titanic Victims and Survivors” 
  • Andy Warhol “The Pope of Pop”


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by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley
Hardcover - 8 x 10 x 1
222 Pages
History / US History / Mid-Atlantic
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