The Boaters' Club

The Boaters' Club
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When evil spirits begin killing off the town’s teens, Matt’s rare perceptual condition leaves him helpless to do anything about it except feel their pain. Can his club of misfits help?

Russian immigrant, Matvey (Matt) Pelevin, wasn’t born with superhuman strength or lightning speed.  Nope.  He got empathy and the ability to experience others' pain–as useless a combination as could be. 

Why did Batman never get a cramp punching Bane, but twelve-year-old Matt can't even watch a football tackle without an annoying twinge or two? Stupid mirror-touch synesthesia.

Hiding it from his friends in the Boaters' Club would be easy enough if it was the only weird thing happening in his lakeside town.

But after witnessing a Rusalka, a water zombie, swimming in the cove, he sees a giant lizard lurking about the remains of a haunted house.  Then two schoolmates suffer accidental deaths that Matt knows aren’t accidental.  His crazy high levels of empathy give him insight into the evil stalking the town, but no muscle to fight.

Luckily for him, The Boaters' Club is down with investigating.  Maybe with the help of his friends–a girl-genius, a daredevil and a smooth-talker–his synesthesia will come in handy after all.

The Boaters’ Club is an action-packed adventure, with twists and turns you won’t see coming. Read it today!

About the Author:  

Growing up at the lake provided the inspiration for The Boaters' Club. Nothing beat summers off with friends and family: Picnic island, campfires, jumping off cliffs, playing tag around boathouses, and hiking to The Point. This novel is an ode to my childhood. Deanne Baker is a psychiatric nurse by profession who resides in Canada with her husband and two dogs.

by Deanne Baker
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
206 Pages
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Country & Ethnic
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Legends, Myths, Fables / General
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / General
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