The Devil's Influence

The Devil's Influence
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The Vengeful Prince Saga - Book 2

Ten years after the Demon War, the country of Albathia has rebuilt and prospered under the benevolent rule of King Perciless. During those years, King Perciless has been looking for his lost brother, Prince Oremethus, rumored to have been driven insane during the Demon War. Little does he know that he is not the only one looking for the missing prince.

The leaders of the Wizards’ Guild have been investigating a different disappearance – someone has been finding and gathering the twelve World Builders, ancient tools of power that can reshape entire worlds. One item remains unfound, The Eternity Seed, and a small group of wizards have been partnered with the king’s Elite Troop of soldiers to find it along with the identity of the one responsible for stealing the world builders.

In an act of desperation, one of the wizards seeks help from those instrumental in ending the Demon War a decade ago, but they now wish for a simpler life. Those who escaped The Devil’s Grasp must band together to discover and stop this new threat. Even if that means they must trust Praeker Trieste, the mad general who commanded his blood-thirsty Horde to ravage the cities of Albathia as he sought the five ensorcelled gemstones responsible for starting the Demon War.


Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano skulk the realms of south-central Pennsylvania. Brian developed a love of writing from countless hours of reading comic books and losing himself in the worlds and adventures found within their colorful pages. In tenth grade, Chris was discouraged by his English teacher from reading H.P. Lovecraft, and being a naturally disobedient youth he has been a fan ever since. They have logged many hours writing novels, stories, articles, comic books, reviews, and on occasion a bawdy haiku. During their tenure as a writing duo, they even started their own micro-press publishing company, Fortress Publishing, Inc.

by Brian Koscienski and Chris Pisano
Trade Paperback - 5.5 x 8.5 x 1
316 Pages
FICTION / Fantasy / Epic
FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure
FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
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