The Final Charge

The Final Charge
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It was supposed to be a weekend of fun for Mike and his two friends, Ray and Gordon, at the 150th reenactment of Gettysburg. But when they explore an old barn, they are inadvertently sent back in time to the actual battle of Gettysburg. Thus begins a nightmarish quest to survive and find a way back to the present. Mike and his friends soon discover they are on the enemy's front lines and are rounded up to participate in what will become known as Pickett's Charge--one of the most disastrous infantry charges in the history of warfare. Will they survive? Will they ever get back to the 21st century, or will they forever be reenactors banished to their beloved past? Charles K. Godfrey was a paramedic and firefighter in Baltimore County Fire Department, Maryland. He retired as a Fire Lieutenant with 27 years service. During this time, as a hobby, he reenacted the Civil War with the First Maryland Volunteer Infantry Regiment. For more than twenty years, he participated in the reenactments of Gettysburg, Manassas, Cedar Creek, and many others, including living history events at Fort McHenry and Harpers Ferry. He is a history buff that likes to blend fiction with history. In addition, he is enthusiastic about science fiction and loves the idea of time travel. He resides in northern Baltimore County with his wife of 37 years. This volume is 208 pages. Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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