The Foreman's Boys

The Foreman's Boys
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The Story of Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1333, Camp S-63, Poe Valley

Employment prospects for many were bleak at the height of the Great Depression. For unmarried recent high school graduates, the prospect of getting a job was mostly non-existent. President Rosevelt’s New Deal plan included the Civilian Conservation Corps, a program specifically targeted to provide employment for those whose job prospects were non-existent. This seventeen to twenty-five-year-old age group would seize upon this opportunity for full-time employment, enroll for a six-month hitch and venture into the unknown. 

New enrollees processed into the program at regional induction centers after receiving a medical exam, issued clothing and gear, given a general idea of the work projects they would engage. They were then transported to a work camp, their new home for the next six months. The work to be performed was focused on regeneration of America’s severely depleted forests and lands. For many decades harvesting of timber, depletion of natural resources, and taking from the lands had been performed with little or no regard for conservation. 

The work projects included tree planting, eradication of destructive vegetation, construction of roads and bridges, fire management, soil management, and the development of parks and recreational areas. This book tells the story about CCC Company 1333, Camp S-63, Poe Valley situated in the rugged mountains of central Pennsylvania. From the first day, the camp was activated through the last day of operation, the book is filled with accounts of camp development, work projects, construction of the dam creating Poe Valley lake, and numerous stories told by veterans, camp administrators, and military commanders. Included are hundreds of names of rostered enrollees. Anyone interested in learning what life was like in a CCC camp during and after work hours, this book will provide insight into camp operations and activities. For those researching family history, the roster of names just may include the one you have been looking for.

Watch this video from the Poe Valley CCC camp:

About the Author:

Bill Marcum is a Civilian Conservation Corps enthusiast who for many years hosted reunions for veterans of Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1333. In recent years, in collaboration with the Penns Valley Area Historical Museum, Centre County Historical Society, and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources he has hosted gatherings for veterans, extended family members of veterans, and fellow Civilian Conservation Corps enthusiasts to celebrate its legacy. In 2018, Bill and his wife Mary were presented the Jacqueline J. Melander Award by the Centre County Historical Society for decades-long work in preserving the history, stories, and artifacts of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1333, Camp S-63, Poe Valley.

by William Marcum
Trade paperback - 6 x 9 x .8
304 Pages
HISTORY / United States / 20th Century
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic
POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy
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