The Fourth Nail

The Fourth Nail
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The Fourth Nail by Paul Argentini proves an historical fact. In this stunning revelation of a compelling historical mystery, Paul Argentini's story-telling masterstroke, The Fourth Nail, is in the overlay of the interrelated actions of two men born two millennia apart. In ancient times, we follow the destined path of Marius of Rome from his start as a profligate youth, to the Mid-east where he forges and uses The Fourth Nail to change the entire world forever. His challenge is to leave the love of his life and survive the dangerous journey on the Spice Trail back to Rome where he is determined to hide this all-powerful relic from covetous hands and to fulfill pledges. In today's world, Dr. Roberto Donadio as a matter of life and death desperately seeks to reveal the secrets of the Marius Diary. In his search he is constrained to unravel arcane codes, and translate ancient documents. It is a race against time as he travels the path of the Marius Diary on the Silk Road to an ancient lamasery past the Taklamaken Desert deep by Ancient Turkestan in Eastern China. There, before other horror-stricken witnesses, he sees the only copy of the Marius Diary Scrolls become lost forever to the winds and wilds of the mountains. Only his prescience and ingenuity enable him to learn the factual truth behind this, the greatest of all historical mysteries. This is Paul Argentini's most tense and exciting novel ever.

This volume is 214 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding.

5.5 x 8.5


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