The Ghosts of Laurelford

The Ghosts of Laurelford
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The Ghosts of Laurelford takes place in the Laurel Mountains in western Pennsylvania in 1919. The main character, fifteen-year-old Lacey Gillespie, is visiting Laurelford, The Taymeyer mansion with her grandfather. 

Lacey is not happy to be at Laurelford. She is deeply involved in woman's suffrage work at home in Pittsburgh, and wants to continue this work which she sees as greatly important. Her grandfather, a private investigator, has been hired by a member of the Taymeyer family to investigate a medium named Mademoiselle Matilde Farret, who will be performing séances at Laurelford, and he insists that Lacey accompany him.

As the visit unfolds, Lacey learns that there is more to Mademoiselle Matilde than she had at first believed. A ghostly legend, a family tragedy, and séances with unexpected results add to the suspense, and when the mystery is finally unraveled, Lacey understands that helping individuals can be as important as working for a cause, and that there are many kinds of mysteries in the world, some of which can’t be understood or explained by reason and logic.

Margaret Meacham grew up in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and spent her childhood summers visiting her grandmother on the Chesapeake Bay, where many of her books including "Secret of Heron Creek" and "Oyster Moon" take place. In 1975 she received her BA degree in English Literature from Trinity College, and she received an MLS degree from University of Maryland in 1977. 

Meacham teaches writing and children's literature at Goucher College and online through Gotham Writer's Workshop in New York City. She has three grown children, Pete, Jen and Katy, and currently lives in Brooklandville, Maryland with her husband John and their two dogs Dodger and Sam.

Margaret Meacham has published several novels for children and young adults with Holiday House, Scholastic Inc. and Schiffer Books, and teaches “Writing for Children and Young Adults” at Gotham Writers’ Workshop.

by Margaret Meacham
Trade Paperback - 5.5 x 8.5 x .5
132 Pages
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Mystery / Paranormal
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