The Holiness of Water

The Holiness of Water
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"James A Campbell's treatise on the significance of water in the Christian faith, past and present, in metaphor and natural wonder, brings new meaning and appreciation to the practice of baptism." - the Publisher "This book is not a scientific treatise on water, but it could be. It is not an historical and theological exposition of a Christian sacrament, but it offers insights into Christian history that I suspect will leave readers asking, "Why didn't I see that before?" No, The Holiness of Water is the work of an artist, plumbing the depths of nature and human rite as only an artist, who is also a pastor, can. Through Jim's eyes and his life with water, he gently peels away the layers of meaning convinced that the more we come to know about water the more we will be led into the mysteries of God. I think he succeeds." - Milo Thornberry This volume is 82 pages. Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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