The Journey Called Life
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The Journey Called Life

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Survival is already a way of life, but what will become of a shattered mind?

Christina is, at least on the surface, the all-American girl next door. However, growing up in the small town of Bellwood, Pennsylvania, would prove to be anything but “normal”. A rough childhood, traumas, mental illnesses, addiction, murder, and kidnapping are just a few of the battles she faces, and she isn’t even twenty-one yet!

Little does she know, her next battle will be a literal fight for her life. Embarking on a journey to find herself, she ends up lost on a downward spiral headed straight for the deepest darkest pits of hell.

This debut book is an inspiring true story of life experience, inner strength and keeping hope alive, by a talented new author. It defies all the rules and will keep you reading from dusk till dawn. You won’t want to miss this one!

9 x 6

233 pages

SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness

TRUE CRIME / Murder / General

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