The Lust for Reverence (UK Edition)

The Lust for Reverence (UK Edition)
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Undressing the Human Being to Reveal How Heroes and Gods Are Made and Demolished

Author A. Gimbernat reviews our distant past for the answer to the ultimate question of human existence: Who created God? Gimbernat builds a record of deification from ancient rulers and gods to contemporary fascist dictators. He seeks a root cause to the need for such constructs in the natural world, and ultimately in genetics. Fans of Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" will find this a nice extension to that work regarding the evolutionary origin of otherworldly powers.

The author has lived in several different parts of the world and enjoyed various life experiences, including: farming; property (selling castles); and university teaching. He has published other work on anthropology. Being at present in regular contact with Islamic fundamentalists, he is not able to use his own name for this volume, nor acknowledge peer reviewers and all others who have helped. 

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