The Power of Uncertainty

The Power of Uncertainty
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A Case for the Liberal Arts

The new book by Dr. John Loase, The Power of Uncertainty - A Case for the Liberal Arts, demonstrates the positive effects of recognizing and appreciating the illumination we could experience in recognizing and admitting uncertainty in all human endeavors. This valuable new book illuminates uncertainty in many areas, including a variety of mathematical and scientific ideas and extends to the recognition of the human advantage implicit in questioning our certitude regarding, for example, our religious beliefs (or total non-beliefs), the dangerousness of our many prejudices and convictions concerning free will or the capacity for redemption or progress of those "other" human beings or nations that we often conclude are so really "different" from ourselves. The richness of his examples and arguments inevitably leads to a discussion of the meaning, power and all-encompassing humanity of philosophy, literature, film, as well as all the arts, because respecting and understanding the expressions of all mankind truly unfastens the binding chains of our often unchallenged assurances and prejudices.  (Louis Rotando)


Part 1 - Pure Mathematics
Chapter 0 - The Uncertainty Quotient Test
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - My Uncertainty History
Chapter 3 - 1 + 1 = 2
Chapter 4 - Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented?
Chapter 5 - Uncertainty Defeats Hitler
Chapter 6 - The Current State of the Irrationals
Chapter 7 - Uncertainty Revisited
Part 2 - Impure Mathematics – Statistics and Science
Chapter 8 - Impure Mathematics
Chapter 9 - Probability
Chapter 10 - Averages
Chapter 11 - Variance
Chapter 12 - Central Limit Theorem
Chapter 13 - Confidence Intervals
Chapter 14 - The #1 Topic in Elementary Statistics – Correlation
Chapter 15 - Prediction - Linear Regression
Chapter 16 - Bayesian Statistics
Chapter 17 - Science
Chapter 18 - Free Will vs. Determinism
Chapter 19 - Why Liberal Arts?
Chapter 20 - Literature and Film
Chapter 21 - Psychology
Chapter 22 - Language


"After reading The Power of Uncertainty my Uncertainty Quotient doubled. This book presents its readers with profound questions that broaden their understanding of the world." -- Da Gyeong (Irene) Yang  Fellow -Concordia College-NY
"In one breath, connecting a mind-numbing passage from an obscure IRS tax document, to “Ikuru”, a masterpiece of Japanese cinema, only to suggest meaning in human existence(no less!). Dr. Loase bares a mind which is balancing the consciousness of all things earnestly experienced, deeply thought, and intensely felt. The result is a desperately human plea for a cognitive revolution: grasp the power of uncertainty, to regain our humanity. The immensity and the beauty of this plea are evident in the fact that this book is equally at home in sciences as it is in the humanities." -- Serdar Arat, Prof. of Art, Concordia College-New York

"Distinguished scholar, John Loase, has done it again. He has given us a clear exposition, felicitously expressed, and goes to the heart of the matter (the role of Liberal Arts). College educators and students alike will benefit from a reading and re-reading of this seminal work." -- Dr. Joseph Hankin- President Westchester Community College.


John Loase serves as Professor and Chair of Mathematics at Concordia College-NY. He earned the only doctorate Columbia University Teachers College has ever awarded in mathematics (mentor Dr. Bruce Vogeli) and Psychology (mentor the late Dr. Richard Wolf). John is equally at home in Mathematics or the Arts. His eighth book, The Sigfluence Generation: Our Young People’s Potential to Transform America, won a Silver Medal in the Benjamin Franklin National Contest and is free at John directed the National Science Foundation sponsored initiative Mathematical Modeling from 1992-1996. His text Statistical Modeling with SPSS was an outgrowth of this NSF grant and has been accepted for 2015 publication by COMAP- the world leader in Mathematical Modeling. The Power of Uncertainty was written for us to add a healthy dose of uncertainty to myriad dimensions of our lives.

This volume is 152 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5


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