The Relations of Isaac F Stiely

The Relations of Isaac F Stiely
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Minister of the Mahantongo Valley. The Reverend Isaac Faust Stiely (or Stiehly) (1800-1869) lived most of his life in the Mahantongo Valley at the convergence of Schuylkill, Northumberland and Dauphin Counties. He was born in Berks County, near Reading, and was a congregant at Hain's church near Wernersville. He became the pastor for a number of young families that emigrated from Berks to settle in the Mahantongo Valley. They helped to establish the Reformed Church at Rough and Ready, also known as Herb's or Salem Church. The family most closely tied to the Stiely's were the Knorr's. Isaac married Anna Knorr and settled on the lands of his father-in-law, Peter Knorr. Author/researcher Lawrence Knorr provides background on the Knorr lands and the Stiely's assimilation. The Stiely mills are detailed along with many vintage maps and photographs. Nearly a thousand relations of Isaac and Anna are also detailed. This volume is 386 pages - INDEXED. Format - softcover - perfect binding with black and white photos. 8 by 10 1/2

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