The Road to Villa Page

A He Said/She Said Memoir of Buying Our Dream Home in France

The Road to Villa Page: A He Said/She Said Memoir of Buying Our Dream Home in France is the first in a series of books that captures the experience of living in the Dordogne region of France, as filtered through the eyes of an American family from a “he said, she said” perspective. Our story begins with falling in love with France, specifically the enchanting Dordogne. We weren’t the first and we won’t be the last. The region was an inspiration to prehistoric man, as the earliest known works of art are to be found in the nearby caves of Lascaux. From the 1000 chateaux perched on towering cliffs overhanging the meandering Dordogne River to the countless plus beaux villages (most beautiful villages) dotting the region, it is truly a magical place.

The first book is a roller-coaster ride of the ups and downs of making the dream a reality, beginning with, Oh my God, are we really doing this?! To looking for the home, getting a loan, wading through the red tape of actually moving, and studying French! Finally, the most important part of making “our” dream come true, adopting a baby girl to make the journey complete.

About the Authors:

Mr. Royce began his professional writing career with the Los Angeles production of his first full-length play, the romantic comedy A Fine Romance. He was hired as an Executive Story Editor for the series In the Heat of the Night and wrote for Murder, She Wrote and Diagnosis: Murder. In 2008, Mr. Royce was contracted to adapt Pierre Beaumarchais’ classic comedy La Folle Journee, the source material for The Marriage of Figaro. His play One Mad Day! premiered at the Norton Clapp Theatre to packed houses and rave reviews. The Road to Villa Page represents Mr. Royce’s first foray into non-fiction literature.

Mrs. Royce was the Executive Creative Consultant on In the Heat of the Night. Thirty-three episodes later, Mrs. Royce left the show and went on to write for Murder, She Wrote, Diagnosis: Murder and Colombo. Mrs. Royce became a full-time travel writer/photographer, contributing to magazines such as Orange Coast Magazine and Wine Spectator. The Road to Villa Page represents Mrs. Royce’s first foray into non-fiction literature.

by William and Cynthia Royce
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
152 Pages
TRAVEL / Europe / France
HOUSE & HOME / Moving & Relocation
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