Twister Town

Twister Town
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#1 Amazon Bestseller (Germany)
#7 Amazon Bestseller (USA)
#19 Amazon Bestseller (UK)

“Wow, what a great book. Great characters. Great plot. Loved it.” – Amazon Review

“Breathtaking. Did not want to put it down. Almost makes you scream.” – Amazon Review

“Had me holding my breath, crying and cursing all at the same time. A must read.” – Amazon Review

“Scott Stevens has shown beautifully how a town in such a dilemma copes with the traumas of such devastation.” – Amazon Review

Twister Town is a finely crafted attention grabber that places you nicely on the edge of your seat, that you find yourself firmly gripped to, as you lose yourself in its fantastic story.” – Amazon Review

Emma Green is the local meteorologist for the small town of Tolland, Kansas. The town has a lucky history of never suffering a direct hit from a tornado, but Emma has information that suggests this lucky streak is about to come to an end. Her boss disagrees with her forecast and will not allow her to air her predictions. With her job being threatened and her ability to save lives severely limited, what will she do when facing the dilemma of a lifetime?

Set in a small town over the course of several days, this book brings to life exactly what it’s like to live in a small mid-western town during the height of tornado season. It sheds an important light on the false sense of security that some towns live in. This story is said to be the most authentic tornado novel to come along in years.

About the Author: 

Scott grew up in New York and is an avid sports fan. He was a sportscaster and then a sportswriter for many years. He also contributed more than one hundred #1 most viewed articles for several online magazines. His work for those was enjoyed by more than 125 million readers. He started writing novels when an editor he worked for suggested that he give it a try.

by Scott Stevens
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
244 Pages
FICTION / Action-Adventure
FICTION / Thrillers / Suspense
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