We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone
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True Stories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Harassment From Around the World

Inspired by #MeToo, together #WeToo stand up, speak out, and be heard.

Victims and survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment are no longer staying quiet, but are raising their voices to bring these atrocities to light in the hopes of making lasting change.

In You Are Not Alone Volume 1, author Jyssica Schwartz showcased 56 people who volunteered to tell their personal stories of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. 

This second book has 56 brand new stories of survival from women and men who were willing to come forward, break their silence, and donate their experiences to start healing and help others who so desperately need to know they are not alone. 

These are stories of the strength of survivors told by courageous victims who are no longer willing to bear their experiences in silence. 

It is time to see the writers of these stories as more than victims, but as who they really are: Survivors. Advocates. Mothers. Daughters. Sons. Friends.


“There but for the Grace of God go I or you or someone you love. This book is a beautiful compilation of the stories of your next-door neighbor, your coworker, your friend, the person you pass on the street, the guy next to you on the train. For anyone who is a member of the #MeToo sister/brotherhood, it’s a must-read. I thought the book would represent the tragedy and devastation of sexual abuse, but it really is the story of good vs. evil where not only is good winning, it’s blowing the evil away.”

“A page-turner that creates a sense of connection; there are parts of these stories that will resonate with everyone, revealing the scope, subtlety, and pervasiveness of the problem.”

“I love the fact that this book gives people like me a voice. Sometimes we just need our story to be told. This is an amazing book and I can relate to so many stories.” 

“I am a conflict resolution professional and a Compassionate Listening Facilitator. I came across this book as I was creating a communication and safety workshop in response to #metoo. Stories create an opportunity for us to relate to one another, connect and humanize. And the stories in this book -- diverse, and often heart-breaking -- do just that. A great book and an important tool to help further our collective understanding of the magnitude of the movement.”


Jyssica Schwartz is a thirty-something writer, editor, and book coach living in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and a very fluffy cat. She has 10 years of corporate sales and business development experience before she quit her job in early 2017 to pursue being a full-time writer. Building and refining her business has been a challenge and a joy. Jyssica is often found curled up with a cat and a book, posting pictures of food and cats on Instagram, pithy notes on Twitter, or discussing random thoughts on her Medium blog when she probably should be working. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and has always been a writer, even before she was getting paid. Jyssica loves music, traveling, rollercoasters, the Yankees, and the Offspring. Check out her website at www.jyssicaschwartz.com, blog at medium.com/@jyssicaschwartz, and join her mailing list for rare notes on writer-y things.

by Jyssica Schwartz
Trade Paperback - 9 x 6 x .5
218 Pages
HEALTH & FITNESS / Women's Health
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Abuse / Domestic Partner Abuse
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