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Bill Marcum is a Civilian Conservation Corps enthusiast who for many years hosted reunions for veterans of Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1333. In recent years, in collaboration with the Penns Valley Area Historical Museum, Centre County Historical Society, and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources he has hosted gatherings for veterans, extended family members of veterans, and fellow Civilian Conservation Corps enthusiasts to celebrate its legacy. In 2018, Bill and his wife Mary were presented the Jacqueline J. Melander Award by the Centre County Historical Society for decades-long work in preserving the history, stories, and artifacts of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1333, Camp S-63, Poe Valley.

William recently spoke at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum:

He was also featured on PA Books on the Pennsylvania Cable Network: 

The Foreman's Boys
The Foreman's Boys

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